Partnership: What?

What is Community Planning?

The Community Plan sets out a vision for the kind of place local people want Ryedale to be by the year 2013. We feel confident that it reflects your needs and priorities because we have discussed it with many local groups; using a process we called ‘imagine Ryedale’. The vision for Ryedale will be realised through a process called community planning: us working in partnership with you. Community planning will help us all to achieve our vision by:
  • Reinforcing and shaping a wide range of partnership strategies.
  • Guiding service plans and business plans of all partners, which will reflect and complement the Community Plan
  • Encouraging the development of joint agreements between partners to deliver aspects of the Community Plan
  • Performance management of the partnership and its activities
  • Providing the framework for a management plan for the partnership and a set of three year action plans for the delivery of the priorities for action by the partnership
Local agencies and local businesses and organisations have been working together across Ryedale for many years and have made a real impact on the quality of life of local communities. Community Planning will help us to redesign local services around our customers and local communities.

The first sustainable community strategy was published in 2003: Imagine Ryedale....

RSP Management Plan

In order to deliver the Sustainable Community Strategy for Ryedale and implement community planning, the RSP has identified the following strategic aims:
To have a Sustainable Community Strategy that is relevant and fit for purpose
To improve our communication with partners and stakeholders and combine our efforts
To involve all of our communities by tailoring our approaches and meeting specific needs and learning from experience
To ensure plans and resources of partners are aligned to the visions and priorities of the Community Plan
To build and maintain capacity across the partnership in order to ensure effective joint working and service delivery
To develop and advocate shared systems and values across partner organisation
To manage the performance of the partnership and its impact on improving the quality of life in Ryedale
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