Priorities: Engagement

To provide real opportunities for people who live, work and visit Ryedale to be involved in issues and decisions that affect them by using approaches that are proactive, inclusive and appropriate

Community engagement is about us working together with local people to address issues that affect them and where they live. It is about the way that we communicate with, understand and involve our community; putting people at the heart of our activities.

The term ‘community engagement’ includes a range of different activities. We recognise three key levels of engagement:

  • informing people: providing information and raising awareness of local issues and initiatives
  • consulting people: seeking the views of the community, for example on a plan, service or issue, to inform our future decisions
  • involving people: involving people more actively in decision-making processes and giving them a greater role in shaping plans and documents, for example in identifying priorities or actions

Our principles

We expect community engagement to:
  • be appropriate and relevant
  • promote a positive approach
  • be genuine and realistic
  • be proactive and innovative
  • promote ongoing involvement
  • be accessible for everyone
  • be clear and concise
  • build on existing strengths


  • To increase the number of residents who feel they can influence decisions affecting their communities
  • To increase public satisfaction levels with the local area as a place to live
  • Increase in community cohesion and inclusion

Action plans for Obesity, Basic Skills, Community Transport, and Community Engagement (PDF, 35k).

Community Engagement Plan (PDF, 29k)

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