Priorities: Obesity

To achieve obesity prevention and weight management, promoting healthier and more active lifestyles, for people living in Ryedale

Evidence suggests that a life course approach is the most effective way to tackle obesity in the population (Seidell et al, 2005). This is reflected in the action plan below. The Ryedale Strategic Partnership is working to promote healthier and more active lifestyles for obesity prevention and weight management of people living in Ryedale, through multi-agency collaboration.

The levels of obesity in Ryedale for adults (16+) based on synthetic estimates are 25.4%. This is the highest level of any of the districts in North Yorkshire.


  • To reduce the prevalence of obesity in Ryedale
  • To halt the year on year rise in obesity among children under 11 years by 2010
  • To increase the levels of physical activity undertaken by the population of Ryedale
Action plans for Obesity, Basic Skills, Community Transport, and Community Engagement (PDF,35k)

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