Vision: Access & Communication

It is easy to access any part of Ryedale, and all other places, for work and play. Communication is dealt with in flexible and innovative ways.

Ryedale has good connections to other areas of the country from its market towns. People have difficulty in access services without the use of a car from most areas of the district. Better accessibility for everyone can be achieved through improvements to:
  • reliable and high quality information and technology, its availability and infrastructure
  • the transport infrastructure and the availability of public and community transport
We recognise that the potential for isolation, discrimination and unfair treatment can be far higher in communities such as Ryedale where there are relatively few people from black and other minority ethnic backgrounds and where the rural nature of our community adds to the potential for disadvantage to people with disabilities. This means that we have a greater challenge in ensuring that their voice is heard in the community. As a partnership we are committed to:
  • Eliminating discrimination on the grounds of race, disability, gender, marital status, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief.
  • Promoting equal opportunities
  • Promoting racial harmony and positive attitudes towards people with disabilities
We talked to local people about their experiences and built this vision of Ryedale in 2013 from these:

People said they value:

  • ‘being near to hustle and bustle without living in it’
  • ‘Some good public transport’
  • ‘Lack of motorways’
  • ‘Accessibility of urban and rural areas’

But they would change:

  • ‘more comprehensive, customised public transport’
  • ‘good communications’
  • ‘promotion of community footpaths’
  • ‘integrated bus and rail systems’
  • ‘improved access to services for everyone’