Vision: Developing Opportunities

Everyone in Ryedale is involved in and can influence planning for the community; the places where they live and work; increasing opportunities to meet, learn and have fun.

Encouraging the real involvement of local communities in the processes of government and local decision making is fundamental to the success of community planning in improving quality of life.

Some of the key issues for consideration include:

  • Affordable decent housing
  • A strong economic infrastructure
  • Access to local facilities
  • Activities for young people
  • Community activities
  • Access to learning and skills training
  • A decent job
We talked to local people about their experiences and built this vision of Ryedale in 2013 from these:

People said they value:

  • ‘being a member of village hall committee – common purpose’
  • ‘good schools and local hospitals’
  • human and familiar scale of communities

But they would like:

  • ‘local people have more say in their way of life’
  • ‘more entertainment for young people than just lounging’
  • ‘full employment, low house prices, accessible transport, means happiness into old age’
  • ‘bustling town centres with no empty premises’
  • ‘more solid base for our youth’
  • ‘more choices for young people’
  • ‘somewhere grown ups aren’t watching everything we do’
  • ‘re-instating local amenities in villages’
  • ‘full time communities’