Vision: Landscape & Environment

Ryedale is a cherished mixture of towns, villages and landscapes. It is a peaceful sanctuary, not crowded or polluted.

A striking characteristic of Ryedale is the outstanding quality of its countryside, villages and market towns. This quality is reflected in the designation of the North York Moors National Park and the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Each of the market towns has a conservation area at its heart.

The countryside was named as the thing most enjoyed by people in Ryedale, when questioned. If this environment is to be available to people in years to come, we must take action to maintain it and manage development and progress.

If we are to ensure a sustainable future for the landscape and environment of Ryedale we must consider:

  • planning for managed change and growth in Ryedale by ensuring that the right types of development come forward at the right time and in the right place
  • safeguarding environmental air quality including air, land and water
  • Waste Management
  • Energy efficiency and use of resources
  • Maintaining the diversity of landscapes and habitat, encouraging biodiversity
  • promoting nature conservation and enjoyment of the countryside
We talked to local people about their experiences and built this vision of Ryedale in 2013 from these:

People said they value:

  • ‘Diverse natural environment’
  • ‘originated in urban setting - now like the freedom of Ryedale’
  • ‘peaceful sanctuary – get away from it all’
  • ‘Architectural quality of towns and villages’
  • ‘Sense of space and freedom inspired by the geography.’
  • ‘Still a farming community’
  • ‘Natural beauty and historic heritage’

But they would like:

  • ‘Renewable energy and sustainable housing developments with local employment’
  • ‘No flooding’
  • ‘Restrict use of Greenfield sites for development’
  • ‘More housing on brown field sites’