Vision: Strong Safe Communities

Ryedale is home to welcoming and familiar neighbourhoods, where people and friendships are valued. Community spirit is strong, underpinned by security and safety. There is mutual trust between local people and the organisations that exist to help, support and serve them.

Ryedale has strong communities where people support each other. If we want communities in Ryedale to be safe and welcoming in the future we must consider the following:

  • Develop public reassurance by promoting the low levels of crime experienced across Ryedale
  • The feeling of security and wellbeing for people in Ryedale, both in their homes and in their communities
  • The capacity of local communities so that people are empowered to participate in local decision-making and are able to influence service delivery
  • To improve the quality of life for people Ryedale and ensure service providers are more responsive to neighbourhood needs and improve their service delivery.
We talked to local people about their experiences and built this vision of Ryedale in 2013 from these:

People said they value:

  • ‘Feeling of belonging to a community’
  • ‘Chatty atmosphere, people are not afraid to talk at bus stops’
  • ‘Putting something back into the community, or it disappears’
  • ‘Muddy Ryedale show – everyone helped out’
  • ‘Being part of a group, looking after each other’

But they would change:

  • ‘Create a positive attitude to the community’
  • ‘Make a major impact on drug use in the area’
  • ‘An end to bullying’
  • ‘More power for the police to discipline offenders at a local level’
  • ‘Improve the awareness of drink-driving and speeding’