Vision: Vibrant Communities

Ryedale has vibrant communities where everyone is respected where all generations have opportunities to express themselves; where diversity is welcomed and encouraged.
Ryedale has friendly confident communities where most people feel valued and accepted. If we wa want communities in Ryedale to be vibrant and diverse in the future we must consider the following:

  • Availability of activities, and facilities in which to enjoy them.
  • The diversity of skills, experience and abilities of people within communities.
  • Exposure to external influences and broadening horizons.
  • Access to opportunities to learn and have fun.
  • Creating a positive environment in which ideas and diversity can flourish.
  • Encouraging local community planning activity.
We talked to local people about their experiences and built this vision of Ryedale in 2013 from these:

People said they value:

'Being part of a group for mutual benefit and interests'
'Ryedale, it's like a living encyclopaedia'
'Respect in the community'

But they would change:

'Less of an us and them attitude'
'Young people being used as a soft target'
'Narrow understanding of different cultures'
'Feeling part of the community as a whole, but still afraid to come out'
'More opportunities to express yourself'