The vision of local people for Ryedale in 2013 is…

Vibrant communities

Ryedale has vibrant communities where everyone is respected; where all generations have
opportunities to express themselves; where diversity is welcomed and encouraged.

Strong safe communities

Ryedale is home to welcoming and familiar neighbourhoods, where people and friendships are valued.
Community spirit is strong, underpinned by security and safety. There is mutual trust between
local people and the organisations that exist to help, support and serve them.

Access and communication

It is easy to access any part of Ryedale, and all other places, for work and play. Communication is
dealt with in flexible and innovative ways.

Health and wellbeing

Ryedale is a place where people enjoy life, work and leisure at their own pace. Freed from stress,
they can take care of themselves and others.

Landscape and environment

Ryedale is a cherished mixture of towns, villages and landscapes. It is a peaceful sanctuary, not
crowded or polluted.

Developing opportunities

Everyone in Ryedale is involved in and can influence planning for the community; the places where
they live and work; increasing opportunities to meet, learn and have fun.