The Ryedale Strategic partnership was formed in April 2002

The purpose of the Ryedale Strategic Partnership is to provide strategic leadership for Ryedale in improving economic, social and environmental wellbeing for the communities of Ryedale.

We built a vision for Ryedale with you. This is expressed in the sustainable community strategy: Imagine Ryedale.... When developing the plan we involved a wide range of individuals and groups across Ryedale through adopting a process called ‘Imagine’. This approach helped us to identify what your priorities were for creating and maintaining a sustainable community.

Imagine is a community participation method based on an approach used in the USA called ‘Appreciative Inquiry’. It builds a vision for the future using questions to focus people’s attention on success. The questions are designed to encourage people to tell stories from their own experience of what works. By seeing what works and exploring why, it is possible to imagine and construct further success, ensuring that a vision of the future is created with a firm basis in reality.

The RSP understood from the start that the responsibility for decisions about how public services are to be delivered ultimately lies with the statutory partners. However, for those decisions to be sustainable and essentially ‘owned’ by the people who are going to live with them, the wider community has to be involved at the very heart of the process of community planning.

The RSP makes decisions in the context of the shared vision of what people have agreed as their desired future for the area.

This vision includes the following themes:

  • Vibrant Communities
  • Strong Safe Communities
  • Access and Communication
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Landscape and Environment
  • Developing Opportunities
Since its formation the RSP has focussed on delivering projects which will help to make this shared vision a reality. Details of these projects are here.

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