Imagine Ryedale .......

..... ten years from now.

Welcome to our vision for Ryedale for the next ten years.

"Communities need strategic leadership to help bring together local partners to improve the services we receive and shape the places where we live". (Department for Communities and Local Government.)

The Ryedale Strategic partnership was formed in April 2002.

The purpose of the Ryedale Strategic Partnership is to provide strategic leadership for Ryedale in improving economic, social and environmental wellbeing for the communities of Ryedale.

We built a vision for Ryedale in 2013 with you. This is expressed in the Sustainable Community Strategy: Imagine Ryedale....

The RSP believes that more can happen in an area if people work together. Our partners include community and faith groups, the District and County Councils, police and fire & rescue services and authorities, local charities and voluntary sector groups, businesses, schools, the Primary Care Trust, North York Moors National Park and more. By combining our experience and expertise, we can understand local people, places and opportunities, making sure the right actions are taken and the right services delivered and hopefully make a difference to the quality of life in the communities of Ryedale.

The Ryedale Strategic Partnership (RSP) is the single local body that:

  • brings together at a local level the different elements of the public sector as well as the private, business, community and voluntary sectors so that different initiatives and services support each other and work together
  • provides a single overarching local co-ordination framework within which other partnerships can operate
  • is responsible for developing and driving the implementation of the Sustainable Community Strategy: Imagine Ryedale....
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